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Good Habits Plan is intended as a resource on effective habits and routines as lived and recommended by accomplished entrepreneurs, authors, and bloggers.

The habits discussed include simple routines to set you up for success in many aspects of your life and range from building a business to burning fat, to making mindfulness a part of your day. Once these habits become mostly automatic you can do them effortlessly, and they add to your well-being. With the compounding and synergistic effects of only a few good habits, it’s just a matter of time until the things you create or the value you provide amounts to a critical mass and things really begin to gel.

Let’s get one thing cleared up though: Many of these habits are quite unconventional. This is not a typical list of “good habits” that seems to be common household knowledge. There are plenty of other great resources for that. GHP looks at the whole picture and tries to model some of the lessons learned over thousands of generations of human existence. Both modern and ancient habits have their place.

Apply these proven tactics to your own personal life, your organization, or both.


A great place to start is with meditation and mindfulness.

There are different types of meditation and ways to learn them, but I recommend you try Headspace first. I’ve been using this app daily for more than two years and have no plans to quit.

Below is a TED talk on mindfulness and meditation by Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace.



The next step is to install a guided meditation app s.a. Headspace on your device. Set aside 10 minutes a day, ideally as a routine you start your day with.