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Good Habits Plan is a set of habits and routines based on the work of select entrepreneurs, authors, and bloggers put together in a structured, wiki-like format.

The type of habits range from eating to workflow to exercise. By slowly introducing one habit at a time, in a step-by-step manner, the expected outcome is increased physical or work performance, vitality, and personal fulfillment.

GHP is meant as a resource primarily for individuals who want to make the right set of routines part of their daily lives that will “automatically” lead them in the direction they want, but it is also meant to improve businesses and organizations.

Under construction. I’m building this website step by step. Doing this is a building a good habit in and of itself :)

Update: I’ve been working little by little on this website by adding/changing content to unpublished pages, sometimes literally only changing up a single sentence or adding a few words. I believe that, just like with forming new habits, incremental progress is key.

That being said, I do want to begin providing value and content that visitors can work with starting now, so for the time being I’ll just keep adding things here to this About page.

Let’s jump right in – Practicing meditation and mindfulness are not only good habits in and of themselves, I consider them essential in creating or maintaining new ones. That’s why it’s a good idea to start here.

There are different types of meditation and ways to learn them, but I recommend you try Headspace app first. I’ve been using the app daily for over a year and am planning to use it indefinitely.

Below is a (less than 10 minute long) TED talk on mindfulness and meditation by Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace.



The next step is to install a guided meditation app s.a. Headspace on your device. Set aside 10 minutes a day, ideally as your first routine for the morning.

Check back here once that’s all set and done…

Next up, let’s talk about sleep and good habits related to that…